McD version of Manning’s Beats commercial, ‘I’m The Man’

Manning Walk up

If there ever was a Peyton Manning Beats commercial – though it may be quite unlikely – this is what I think it would look like.

The ever-selfless Broncos quarterback can only hear what he wants, set to Aloe Blacc’s new song ‘I’m The Man’.


MacIntyre directly aware of grave danger of floods

When it comes to flooding, Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre knows firsthand how dangerous they can truly be. He nearly lost his parents to a similar disaster in 2010.

“My brother [Matt] rescued my mom and dad,” MacIntyre said. Nearly 19 inches of rain fell in some areas near his parent’s home in Southern Tennessee.  “My dad is in a bed, and can’t move [he suffers from multiple sclerosis]. My brother had to go there, run a mile and a half, and swim about 500 yards in flooded water. He floated my dad out on his mattress and rescued my mom.”

[Watch Mike tell the story here.]

Twenty one people lost their lives in what was proclaimed a ‘1000-year flood’ several years ago – as of Friday there are three confirmed deaths, but over 80 unaccounted for people in the disaster in Boulder and its surrounding areas (go to for updated information).

Mike was the head coach at San Jose State at the time and had to fly out later to help out with the clean up.

Just three years later MacIntyre, along with the Buffs, are faced with a comparable natural disaster. Their game scheduled against Fresno State was postponed, and despite wanting to play – Folsom Field wasn’t affected very much and would be playable – they felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to take the field.

Instead they will be of assistance putting the campus and community back piece by piece.

“We don’t want to be a nuisance, we want to be a help, whenever that is. I don’t know if that’s Monday or Tuesday, or even tomorrow,” said MacIntyre. “We have some big, strong kids that can help some people in some hard situations.”

The Buffs first year head coach assisted in making repairs his parent’s house in southern Tennessee, including tearing down and replacing walls that were affected. Thankfully, all his players are fine even as some had to be displaced due to the flooding.

“We have six young men on our team that have had to leave their homes and apartments,” MacIntyre said. “There are a lot of issues out there a lot bigger than football.”

As MacIntyre knows all too well, the perils of flooding are very much real.