‘Omaha’ mystery call revealed by Peyton Manning

“Omaha is a run play, but it could be a pass play or a play-action pass depending on a couple things: the wind, which way we’re going, quarter and the jerseys that we’re wearing. So it varies, really, play to play. There’s your answer to that one.”

Now when Peyton Manning barks out ‘Omaha’ at the line of scrimmage – 44 total times in the Divisional Round against the Chargers – everyone will know what’s coming. The mystery is over.


Del Rio: “We got this one for Foxy”

“We got this one for Foxy.”

Interim head coach Jack Del Rio as well as the rest of the Broncos were playing for their head coach who was at his home in Charlotte recovering from heart surgery just a few days prior. Although it was hard fought, they pulled it out in Fox’s hometown of San Diego.

Fox is ‘disappointed’ but knows procedure on aortic valve is ‘the right thing to do’

“I sincerely appreciate all of the support from friends, Denver Broncos fans and so many around the league today. Although I am disappointed I must take some time away from the team to attend to this pre-existing health condition. I understand that it’s the right thing to do. I have great confidence in our coaches and players, who are fully committed to our goals. I look forward to returning to coaching as soon as possible.”

Head coach John Fox said in a statement

Miller: ‘I can’t say that this is never going to happen or I’m never going to do this, I’d be lying [if I did say that]’

‘I can’t say that this is never going to happen or I’m never going to do this, I’d be lying [if I did say that]’

Being reinstated, Von Miller is eager to regain everybody’s trust. The linebacker said he has learned a lot from this situation – including that his actions affect others – and will come back from his six game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug testing policy better than ever.

Miller is confident that he’ll be able to earn the trust from everyone even if he can’t specifically say something similar won’t follow.

Manning’s learning to appreciate the little things, like ignoring FAA regulations

“You don’t get to fly on a plane with 53 guys and everybody’s standing up when the plane’s taking off, nobody has their seat belt fastened, everybody’s using their cell phone. When the pilot says we can’t take off when those things are happening, they’re lying because you can because we do it. Those are things you miss when you stop playing and so I guess I try to have an appreciation for those things.”

Following his unpredented comeback from his neck injury, Peyton Manning savors even the salt on his airplane peanuts. It’s these little intricacies – like not having to abide by Federal Aviation Administration rules on the charter home from ‘stressful’ wins like the one they had in Dallas on Sunday – that he will miss most after his career is over.