Marinette cheerleader, Rose has alopecia and remains proud of her image

A rose by any other name wouldn’t be Selena Rose.

“They don’t really care whether or not I’m wearing a wig or a bandana or anything at all,” the Marinette cheerleader said.

The Marines junior has a non-life threatening disease called alopecia with one side effect being being that she can’t grow hair. Now Rose stands proud with her look on the sidelines, but that wasn’t always the case.

“She always wore wigs and bandanas. She was always very shy,” cheerleading coach Linda Laprise said.

Rose always wore a wig as freshman but with the help of her best friend DeAnna Saunier, she gained became more comfortable with herself and her image.

“She got the confidence in sophomore year that she’s going to go for her junior year without it. No one says anything, they say she looks good and she gots the confidence for it,” Saunier said. “It’s herself, it’s who she is.”

“They don’t really care whether or not I’m wearing a wig or a bandana or anything at all,” Rose continued. “Anybody that tries to say anything about it, like bad about it or whatever, they always back me up and stuff. I’ve always had that.”

Rose is one of the team’s best bases in stunts. Yet, she also constantly feeling the support from her team.

“I told her she looked good without it,” asserted Saunier. “She doesn’t need anything, she shouldn’t care what people say about her.”

“When she stopped wearing her wigs, everyone said how wonderful she looked,” Laprise said.  She’s just gorgeous and she doesn’t need anything else.”

And while she may still stand out amongst her teammates, there are some perks to have no hair including saving lots of shampoo in the shower.

“I don’t have to worry about anything, it’s just in and out. All my friends like to tell me that they’re jealous about it because I don’t have to shave or anything so,” Rose said laughing.


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