Lee stuns as singer, runs as a member of Ashwaubenon cross country team

How do you say stunned in Italian?

“I have performed in front of people who didn’t believe I sang a few times, they generally walk away with a shocked look on their faces,” Anastasia Lee laughed.

The petite Ashwaubenon senior usually lets her voice – and if the audience still isn’t satisfied (this never happens) – Lee directs them to her YouTube page.

“Until they like play her videos on youtube they don’t believe she has a really big voice,” Anastasia Lee’s sister, Tatiana Marie said.

But if that surprise wasn’t enough, Lee also runs cross country for the Jaguars. She runs around at a nearly seven minute mile pace and she swings between varsity and junior varsity this season.  The more boisterous of her two passions though began at an early age.

“When I was 8 years old my dad came home from Europe with a [Luciano] Pavarotti

CD and I fell in love with the music,” Lee recalled. The 18-year-old is part Italian but she grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “My mom would walk up the stairs any time during the day and I’d be singing in Italian for hours and hours.”

While the performing in her classical crossover genre helps Lee’s distancing running, training for cross country may also be a benefit to her vocals.

“The concerts I perform at generally run 2 hours so that’s a big load for one person to carry,” she noted. “The running helps me build endurance for those concerts believe it or not so I guess I technically owe coach Cal and cross country for some of my musical capability.”

Her sister, teammate and duet partner, can also appreciate the connection between the two skills.

The singing and the running work together because they both require a lot of lung power so the more you sing the more your lungs develop,” Tatiana said. “They both just require a lot of practice individually so it takes a lot of time.

Lee’s accolade include a trio of Italian Idols, performing with musical icon Josh Grobin and racking up over 3.5 million views on her YouTube page but there’s one venue she wants to perform in the most – Lambeau Field.

“It’s always been a goal because it’s right down the street from where I live basically,” Lee finished. “It’s always been a goal to perform for the Packers.”

Your move, Packers.


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