Gordon’s homecoming marred by poor performance, injury

It was a special day for Melvin Gordon – and it turned out especially bad.

The former Badgers running back and native of Kenosha, Wisconsin returned to his home state as a member of the Chargers. The rookie only carried the ball seven times for 29 yards and fumbled twice – losing one.

“Just frustrated. I have to be better out there and it just kills me that that kind of happened especially going up against this type of team,” Gordon said.

The first round selection by San Diego starred for Wisconsin. Gordon rushed for 2,587 yards and 29 touchdowns last year while with the Badgers so such a poor performance – as he got benched in favor of backup running back Danny Woodhead – isn’t something he is accustomed to.

“I feel like I could have been out there helping the guys out and I wasn’t out there because I made some mistakes and that’s solely on me,” he said. “That’s kind of what hurts more.”

It was an opportunity Gordon had been looking forward to and rightly so. The outcome was disappointing but it wasn’t due to a lack of preparation.

“My emotions were pretty much in check, I wasn’t overly excited or anything like that,” Gordon said. “I came in ready to play like every game.”


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