Wrightstown’s ‘Jersey Thursday’ tradition mixes fun and football

When Wrightstown huddles up they look like they aren’t on the same team.

“I really don’t care what they’re wearing,” head coach Matt Binsfield said.

At practice every week, the Tiger’s participate in a ‘Jersey Thursday’ with a myriad of NFL teams and some college uniforms involved. The tradition was started by some players four or five years back and it’s so fun that it stuck.

“I think it was one of our seniors that said hey lets bring our jerseys out and ever since then ‘Jersey Thursday’ has been a weekly thing,” said Bryce Herlache who wore a Packers Edgar Bennett jersey.

Wrightstown opens the season Friday against Little Chute. The pregame ritual helps keep the team loose.

“They could be wearing clown suits out here and I probably wouldn’t really care because I’m thinking about the game as we get into practice that’s what everybody is thinking about,” Binsfield continued.

Their uniform focus – not the ones that they wear at practice – but the same goal is building on a 10-2 season from a year ago which included a Division 4 semifinal berth.

“Our expectations this year are to make it as far as possible,” Herlache stated.

The fullback (and linebacker on defense) rushed for 1,295 yards and 17 touchdowns last year. He is a talented focal point in the backfield for the offense but the Tigers’ are looking for other players to make a significant impact.

“We’re looking for guys on this year’s team that are going to step up,” the head coach said. “Hopefully it helps out with a little bit of experience for the kids that we have coming back.”

Those returners seem to include the likes of Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Barry Sanders and of course Vande Walle.

“My favorites are always their dad’s jersey’s,” Binsfield jokes. “That’s what I enjoy is giving them a hard time about what happened to all that athletic ability that your dad had.”


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