Superhero style lifts Bay Port’s Lorbeck to state

He may seem ordinary, but so did Clark Kent without his cape.

“My freshman year, you had to wear like the solid color socks and everyone looked the same,” Zach Lorbeck said.

With his Superman socks, the Bay Port senior almost feels like he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. He won the long jump with a personal best 23-feet-1-inch leap, 110 meter hurdles and also high jump by clearing 6-feet-5-inches at sectionals at St. Norbert’s Schnieder Field to qualify for state.

“This is the first meet in a long time that I’ve worn my Superman ones, I usually wear Spiderman but they ripped in regionals so Superman has been working out I guess,” he said. “Like last year I wore lime green socks, I like my socks to be a little bit flashy because they can be.”

Lorbeck’s style isn’t due to superstitions, although the fancy footwear and his jumping prowess make him hard to miss.

“I wore them one meet this year and didn’t do the greatest so I guess it’s not just in the socks but they look cool,” Lorbeck joked of his near ironic kryptonite.

He is a likely favorite at the state meet which is host at UW-La Crosse on Friday and Saturday – and wants to win all three events. “I kind of just wanted to put myself out there a little bit different. It’s kind of who I am and now I guess these are the ones for the rest of the way,” Lorbeck said.

And competitors be warned if the Bay Port senior is seen going into a phone both before the state meet.


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