Bay Port’s Tinch has high-flying potential as a freshman

Fortunately, Cordell Tinch isn’t afraid of heights.

“The sky’s the limit to be honest. You know, I might even break through the sky,” the Bay Port freshman said Friday. “That’s how I feel.”

At sectionals, he qualified for state when he nearly won the high jump at 6-foot-5 and also leaped to a school record 44-feet-11-and-three-quarters inches in the triple jump. It’s failure that Tinch fears, because that part would hurt too much.

“Confidence is the only thing that keeps you going in this because you have to believe you’re going to make it there otherwise you’re not going to,” Tinch said. He’s mature and works on the fundamentals diligently – getting advice from his coach as well as other – even though his natural abilities could carry him.

“You’re going to end up hurting yourself because if you don’t make it into the pit you’re going to land on your ankle, you’re going to tear something, it’s going to be bad,” the freshman continued.

The state meet will take place on Friday and Saturday – June 5-6 – on the UW-La Crosse campus.

Tinch’s youth and jumping potential are rare. Yet, along with the guidance of Pirate teammate and senior Zach Lorbeck – who also qualified for state in high jump, long jump as well as the 110 meter hurdles – Tinch is able to climb even higher.

“Having a teammate like that helps you in practice because now you know, I have to catch him and I don’t want him to be better than me,” the freshman noted. “He’s just an incredible guy to be with.”

Lorbeck was able to top Tinch at sectionals, but he knows how special he can be if his focus is on point. “He’s definitely become more consistent in the high jump and the triple,” Lorbeck said. He just came out at the right time. He’s probably going to break some of my records when he gets to be older.”

Tinch doesn’t care for records though, not now anyways. Reaching for the clouds and qualifying for state will do.

“As a freshman I would like to be at state and I didn’t want to be the fourth person and be like ‘Awe, I could have done it freshman year,’” he said. “When I first came here they [the coaches] were all like – after our trials and stuff before we even started – they were like this kid has something special. And it was just heartwarming that they all knew that I had something there. All them believing in me really kept me going.”


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