Manitowoc-Lincoln Oosting’s more than keeping up in boys’ golf

It’s simple golf etiquette; don’t step in his line, replace his divots and try to keep pace with her.

“It’s helpful. Just as a person getting used to chauvinism, I guess. It’s more a of challenge and it’s more fun,” Sasha Oosting said.

Manitowoc-Lincoln senior is the lone girl all events due to her school district not having any girls golf programs. The Ships No. 1 golfer has to – and also enjoys playing against the boys.

“It is fun to beat the guys,” she continued. “I really wasn’t beating them as much freshman year so a lot of them didn’t really think that I was much competition. Sophomore, junior and this year I’m beating them a lot and every single year they get not as happy.”

The soon-to-be Naval Academy Midshipman finished just three strokes behind the medalist at the Fox River Classic Championship –  shooting a 78 at Wander Springs Golf Course – and earned second team All-Conference honors this year. Oosting has noticed some pushback by other golfers but it’s just a part of her personality to be unphased and motivated

“She’s extremely driven and she doesn’t like to lose and she always wants to prove people wrong. So if somebody tells her that she cannot do it, she will go out and do whatever she can to prove to them that she can and will do it,” Lincoln head coach Jon Waters said. “I think she’s definitely helped the guys quite a bit because typical high school boys, they don’t want to lose to a girl.”

By rule, she uses forward tees – or 85% of the distance the boys play from – which is the main reason for the disapproval on the course. The senior wants to move back sometimes just to rebut any criticism.

“Some of the guys are pretty cool about a girl playing with them and others are not as graceful about it,” Oosting admitted.

It doesn’t bother her or any of her Manitowoc-Lincoln teammates. They’ve seen firsthand on a daily basis how much skill and determination she has – and it’s even tough to outdrive Oosting most days.

“I get asked a lot of questions when I play because she is the only girl out here, but I guess I’m used to it by now,” fellow senior  and Ships’ teammate Ben Bashaw said. “In practice it’s kinda normal when she’s playing with you.”

Oosting’s presence is commonplace, now it’s just a matter of keeping up.


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