Papermakers’ Megan Kleist raises incredible batting average even higher

It’s like Megan Kleist can read minds.

“Just knowing what they’re going to throw to you,” she said.

The Kimberly senior’s batting average is well over .600 this season. Kleist is hitting everything she sees because – as a pitcher herself – she already understands what’s coming.

“I even talk to myself a little bit up there. Just to keep myself in the game and just know what she’s going to throw,” Kleist continued.

She isn’t disappointed if she gets out – which rarely happens. But the simplistic mentality of putting a good swing on good pitches is making for a very impressive hitting display that her head coach has never seen.

“This has been a really impressive year for someone since I’ve been coaching,” head coach Bill Weyers admitted. “She’s done a great job. She’s a strong girl, good eye-hand coordination and she’s put a lot of time in.”

To put that in perspective, nearly every three times she come up to the plate Kleist gets a hit twice. But the toughest nemesis she has yet to face is herself. As great of hitter as the Oregon recruit is, Kleist may be a better pitcher. .

“I would – I’m not really sure,” the two-way standout said of the matchup against a hypothetically cloned Kleist. “I’d just say, mix up the pitches and keep switching locations and hopefully the spots will fall.”

“We might be here for a while because she might be fouling off some of those good pitches that she’s seeing so. It might be a long at bat,” Weyers contemplated. “It would be a battle.”

Unfortunately the hitting-Kleist versus pitching-Kleist matchup will never happen.

“It would be interesting to see,” she said.

But one Kleist is more than enough – especially for the opposing players.


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