Packers draftees won’t start with low expectations

That first phone call is emotional, motivational and it might as well be the morning bell.

“There won’t be any real big-grand message except lets get to work,” defensive lineman Mike Daniels said. “They’ll just fall into the culture like every other rookie class does.”

Whomever the Packers call on and select in the NFL Draft – whether they are a linebacker, defensive back or even a quarterback – is welcomed to Green Bay by tradition. They maintain nine selections over the three day event and those that general manager Ted Thompson chooses aren’t expect to expect anything less than the pinnacle of the sports.

“We’re chasing Super Bowls,” wide receiver Randall Cobb. “He puts that in place from the first day. and we all understand that, we all know what the ultimate prize is and what we’re here for.”

For a team that feigns from living in the past – especially following the disappointing loss in the NFC Championship game to the Seahawks – and new players that will be the focal points of the future, this beginning cannot come soon enough. The memories still prominently linger and the aspirations are only heightened heading into 2015.

The prospects that have made an impression on the Green Bay front office, now the rookie class needs to make an impact of their own.

“I’m going to be saying this the next week after the draft in here that we expect these guys to come in and help contribute to the veteran team we have in this building and that’s what I’ll continue to do,” Thompson asserted.

With the departures of Tramon Williams, A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones to name a few, the newcomers will be an integral part of the team. The rookies must be ready to earn their place in the locker room.

“That’s what the NFL is about – the next man up and making the most of your opportunity and I’m pretty sure guys are excited and ready to step up and prove themselves,” said Morgan Burnett. “And we’re looking forward to the challenge and it’ll be fun.”

The new start of a journey to the top of the football universe awaits, are they ready to answer that phone call?


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