Blizzard’s Porterie draws from passion in Greek mythology, honored in IFL

Growing up, some of Donovan Porterie’s heroes were Eagles. Others were Colts. And even a few were Greeks.

“That was one of the stories that always intrigued me and wanted me to learn more,” he said.

Alongside a passion for football, the Green Bay Blizzard quarterback was also drawn to Greek mythology at an early age. He used to watch The Odyssey at his home and the movie Troy is one of his favorites. The lessons has learned from those tales translated easily from Greece to the gridiron.

“One of my favorite characters in Greek mythology is Achilles,” Porterie admitted. Although this heroes stories ends in tragedy, the Port Authur, Texas native focuses on the positive characteristic of him. “He was just such a good warrior and I just try to be a warrior out there for these guys every time I step on the field.”

Porterie was named player of the week in the Indoor Football League as he threw for four touchdowns – on 21-of-33 passing and 230 yards – to go along with a rushing touchdown in a win over Iowa on Sunday.

“We still have a lot of work to do and we’re still at the beginning of the season but I feel like these guys allow me to go out there and do my job and I’m very comfortable back there,” he said.

The quarterback who returned to the Blizzard after a season in the Arena Football League with the Spokane Shock, is near the top of the IFL in passing touchdowns, yards and completion percentage. Yet, it’s his leadership abilities that gives the Blizzard an edge in their battles.

“I definitley want to be somebody that these guys can look at when we need to make a big play out there – when they’re not feeling too good or their heads are down – they can look at me and say ‘Okay, my quarterback is rolling, let’s go,’” Porterie said.

And the quarterback hopes to emulate his favorite Greek hero – Achilles – on the field for the Blizzard this season, minus the heel part of course.


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