Natisha Hiedeman zones in on breaking Green Bay metro scoring record

Natisha Hiedeman plays basketball on fast forward, but shes watches her highlights in slo motion.

“I guess you don’t notice it as much when you’re out there. But then when you watch it back, you’re kinda like ‘Alright,’” she said thinking back to just one of many smooth, quick, nasty moves on the court.

Even the Green Bay-Southwest High School standout has a hard time believing some of the shots she makes. She is averaging over 25 points per contest and Hiedeman is also still trying to comprehend how she’s just 15 points shy of the metro all-time scoring record.

“That’s just a lot of points,” Southwest head coach Casey Zakowski asserted. Hiedeman sits at an astonishing 1,612 points in her prolific career. “I’m a little surprised but knowing her and knowing the time that Natisha has put in – she’s put in hours and hours – she’s earned it for sure.”

“When I was little, just being a little kid, I always said ‘Yeah, I’m going to get that record one day’. Now since it’s here, it’s still unbelievable,” Hiedeman continued.

Similar to her favorite shot – the same one she hopes to break the record with – the Marquette recruit has to take a step back to realize how special it will be to possible break this substantial mark.

“The school record, I never imagined getting that,” Hiedeman admitted. She moved into the top spot in Southwest history early this month. “Now that I’m approaching the metro record, it’s just shocking and amazing.”

She  will likely surpass Preble High School alum Kenzie Perttu in the record book Tuesday against Green Bay-West but don’t expect a spontaneous celebration from the Trojans this time.

“Last time when I got the school record, they scored when we had a little group hug,” she said with a smile.


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