Cordier returns to Southern Door High School as World Series champion

Most likely to win a World Series? Even if Erik Cordier’s graduating class of 107 had voted him that superlative, he still wouldn’t believe them.

“It’s not supposed to happen. It was incredible. It was an incredible go” he recalled.

Not that long ago the Brussels native was walking the halls as a student at Southern Door High School in northeastern Wisconsin. Now he’s a major league pitcher – and a World Series champion.

“It’s not supposed to happen where you get called up for your first time ever in September and then all of a sudden you get to with the team on a playoff run and then that team happens to win the World Series,” Cordier said. He made his debut for the San Francisco Giants in September and remained with the club through their victory in Game 7 of the World Series and all the champagne celebrations that followed. “It’s amazing.”

Even after reaching the pinnacle of his sport, returning to his hometown is special for Cordier. He signed autographs and met with people before an Eagles basketball game at the fieldhouse he once also played in. (Baseball was more his sports though)

The right handed pitcher appeared comfortable in his surroundings, almost as if he never left.

“I wouldn’t call myself a local celebrity. I just call myself a home fixture,” Cordier said humbly. “I like to think that when I come back I get to see a lot of the community and there’s really no change in the community. It’s always the same hard working, blue collared community. It’s really good to be back.”

He’s been instilled with those same characteristics. But since throwing 96 miles-per-hour in high school and being selected in the second round of the MLB Draft in 2004 by the Kansas City Royals, it’s been a long tough journey for Cordier. He spent nearly a decade working his way to finally break through in the majors.

“It’s was really good to feel all the support that I’ve gotten from the community,” said of his progress in baseball. “I’ve always felt a lot of support.”

He’s gone from Brussels, Wisconsin to the big leagues, and he always comes back again.


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