Thomas doesn’t believe Rodgers’ calf is really injured

It’s a calf injury that Aaron Rodgers is suffering from. Instead, the Seahawks think it may also be a faux injury.

“I’m not buying into this leg issue. I’m not buying into,” Seattle safety Earl Thomas said. Rodgers has been limited in practice for the past several weeks, and the Seahawks aren’t believers – based on what they’ve seen on tape.

“I saw scramble close to the goal line against the Cowboys so he’s not fooling me with that,” he continued.

Rodgers completed 24-of-35 passes for 316 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Packers past the Cowboys in the Divisional Round. His limited mobility – Dallas recorded two sacks including a forced fumble – hindered his ability to escape the rush. Well, it appeared that way to most everyone watching.

“Honestly, I don’t believe it either,” asserted Seahawks defensive lineman O’Brien Schofield. “I’ll make that adjustment when see him out there but when you think of a competitor like Aaron Rodgers – an elite quarterback that he is – I’m expecting that he’s going to be as good as he can be on gameday.”

Seattle is set to use the skepticism as motivation. Rather than expecting a limping, immobile Rodgers, they’re ready for the one that will likely win the National Football League MVP.

On Sunday, Rodgers (calf) will likely be listed as ‘probable’. And the Seahawks are ‘doubtful’ of validity of that statement altogether.


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