Greater advantage? Undefeated (at home) Packers counter undefeated (on the road) Cowboys

Even Isaac Newton couldn’t predict this matchup.

Nobody has beaten the Packers at Lambeau Field this year. The Cowboys haven’t lost on the road this season. Each undefeated mark is difficult and admirable, they have to decide on which is more advantageous on Sunday.

“What they’ve accomplished this year is something special. We were 8-0 at home this year so you have an immoveable object going against an unstoppable force,” fullback John Kuhn asserted. “Which one is going to give? We’ll find out.”

Only twice before in National Football League history has a team with an undefeated home record has faced a team with an undefeated road mark in the postseason. Each side has come out on top once in the previous matchups – with the winner going on to capture the NFL championship. (1972, Miami Dolphins; 1948, Philadelphia Eagles)

Winning at home is impressive, but the victories in hostile environments are even harder to amass.

“We went 4-4 on the road this year and I consider us a pretty darn good team,” Kuhn continued.

“They have the mental toughness to just keep going. You don’t win eight games on the road without that, that’s for sure,” head coach Mike McCarthy said. “This will be a big challenge but, it’s definitely something that jumps off the stat sheet when you see the eight wins on the road.”

Well, come Sunday, something has to give.


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