With chilly temperatures and numb hands, Packers emphasize ball-security

Hold onto the ball. Sounds easy enough – when you can feel your fingers.

“It’s not quite as cold as it’s going to get so you just have to keep it high and tight,”  wide receiver Davante Adams admitted.

The good news for the Packers is that can acclimate to the chilly temperatures at practices. The bad news though, it’s only getting colder in as the National Football League playoffs get going.

LacyDuring the bye week, Mike McCarthy and Green Bay continually emphasized ball security. These are drills that they do regularly over the course of the regular season but there’s a sense that it may be more important in the upcoming weeks.

“We don’t like it because it’s freezing cold and it’s completely different than a game, because you’re not in a game mindset,” Eddie Lacy said. They took part in several practices inside the Don Hutson Center – they haven’t practiced in the elements in some time – but it was still cold. Subzero temperatures are projected for early in the week – they should be in the mid-20’s for the divisional round – and will really  give the players a feel for what they could expect on Sunday.

“You feel exactly how cold it is but it helps us out in the long run,” he continued.

It’s not hard to see that the Packers success – at least, in part of it – is due to the priority on limiting turnovers. They’ve only lost seven fumbles all season which ranks among the fewest in the NFL. The significance of holding the ball is only giving more attention when the Packers host their first playoff game on Sunday.

“It’s about turnover ratio. It’s obviously increases your opportunity to be successful greatly. That’s the way we’ve always gone about it,” head coach Mike McCarthy said. “The teams that take care of the football usually win.”

Numb hands can lead to turnovers and turnovers can lead to loses, a combination that the Packers surely don’t want to become a habit.


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