Packers won’t focus on record winning streak, Suh calls it ‘nonsense’

Think about this; twenty-three wins and zero losses.

But if you think the long Packers home winning streak against the Lions is even a little bit important to the participants on Sunday, then you should think again.

“I don’t think anyone is thinking about it,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said.

“You guys may think that we’re crazy and say ‘Look at all the statistics. Look at all the nonsense and look at all that.’ I really don’t care about it,” Ndamukong Suh agreed, which is a rare situation in and of itself in this fierce rivalry. “A lot of that I wasn’t even here for, some of it I was here for but it’s in the past.”

The twenty-three game home winning streak against a single opponent is the longest active mark in the NFL and it spans over two decades. The one-sided contests have seen Green Bay win by an average of 12.6 points per victory, but this isn’t your typical Detroit team.

“For a while, the Lions were just a bad football team so we just knew we were going to beat them. That’s not the case anymore,” Packers guard Josh Sitton said. The Lions have the same 11-4 record as Green Bay and the game on Sunday will decide the NFC North title.

“We know it’s going to be a tough challenge. We’ve just had their number but does it mean anything this week? No, it doesn’t,” he continued.

A lot has happened since the Lions last won at Lambeau Field, Brett Favre was still a member of the Atlanta Falcons and Aaron Rodgers had just turned eight years old. Think about that.

Where were you on December 15th, 1991?


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