Unconventional Maddon is unconventional, enthusiastic about Cubs and their century worth of misery

Joe Maddon is more bleacher bum than manager.

When he arrived at his introductory press conference to become the next skipper of the beleaguered Chicago Cubs he did so on foot. Maddon simply walked down the street to the local bar – as if it were a Saturday in June prior a game – where he would meet the media.


But that’s the way the former manager of Tampa Bay does things.

Maddon is nothing if not unconventional. His fabled ‘Maddonisms’ turned a perennial loser into a serious contender, taking the Rays to a World Series in 2008 just two years after the franchise lost over 100 games. (He would lead them to the postseason three of the next five seasons following that.)

He wants players to work less, not more and made it known that he “has a life outside of baseball.” He wants people to set their expectations on the playoffs and the World Series – which may seem outrageous to the casual Maddon observer seeing as the Cubs haven’t won a championship since 1908. And most of all, he wants his players to have fun.

Your crazy uncle posing as the Cubs new manager is offbeat. He ordered a round – a beer and a shot – for the media and proceeded to sip on a beer as he did rounds of individual interviews.

Maddon loves the National League game, enjoys the “once in a 108-year challenge” and if you’re not careful he’ll do something really crazy – like having the Cubs winning soon.


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