Super Bowl XLVIII prop bets including ‘Omaha’, power outages and Manning vs. Elway

If your neighbors spinach dip isn’t enough to get you to watch the Super Bowl then I may have a solution.

More than any other sporting event out there, you can literally bet on anything that happens on February 2nd. There are hundreds of prop bets – from who will win Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (Manning is the favorite at 11/10) to which song with Bruno Mars performs at halftime first (the odds heavily favor ‘Locked Out of Heaven’) – that can keep you invested in the game.

The power will go out in the stadium during the game: 20/1

Peyton Manning will say “Omaha” (over/under) 27.5 times during the game

Knowshon Moreno cries during National Anthem (Yes +250, No -400)

Peyton Manning passing attempts in Super Bowl XLVIII (-325) or John Elway completion and attempts from Super Bowl XXXIII (+250)


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