Manning carpools with Decker, Tamme to games; simple yet ‘special’ trips

Before Peyton Manning is in the shotgun – formation that is – he has to call ‘shotgun’ just like everyone else when he rides to Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sundays.

“I think everybody kind of settles into some kind of routine,” Manning admitted Thursday. “Me, [Eric] Decker and [Jacob] Tamme carpool together and drive from the hotel to the stadium. We’ve done that for the past two years.”

The three good friends rotate who drives week to week. Tamme – a longtime teammate of Manning, for three years in Indianapolis and two in Denver – joked that he usually lets the quarterback make the call on what type of music they listen to on the ride in.

“It’s pretty cool,” the tight end said. “We ride together every game and get a chance to talk a little bit and get ready for what we’re about to embark on. It’s a pretty special thing.”

The teammates enjoy this so-elementary of tasks and each other’s company. Manning and the Broncos will make one more ride to their home stadium this season and although he doesn’t like to get to reflective in these instances he certainly understands and is grateful for even these simple opportunities.

“We feel fortunate to be playing still doing this time and you realize you’re driving down on Sunday on two games being played so you feel fortunate,” he finished.

Manning led 71 touchdown drives this season, but the ones he makes to the stadium with his buddies – talking and listening to tunes – are the ones he’s truly come to appreciate.


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