Manning wants no part of MVP discussion

During the season – especially following a discouraging loss – there are only certain topics Peyton Manning concerns himself with. Being the NFL’s most valuable player is certainly not one of them.

“It does not get heated up for me,” Manning said of those discussions and the possible distractions they can provide in the media. The quarterback and already four-time MVP (yep, you guessed it, an NFL record) has no time for those types of thoughts or discussions especially when he’s still trying to get the offense finely tuned headed into the stretch before the playoffs.

“That is plenty on my plate to focus on. I know that’s probably not the answer that you’re looking for but that is all my focus is on and that’s the way it has to be,” he continued.

Manning’s statistics are absurd – he’s on pace to break both the records for most passing yards (he needs 665 yards to surpass Drew Brees) and touchdowns (he’s only 3 shy of Tom Brady’s mark) in a single season.

To do what he did last year – coming of an injury that most thought threatened his football career – and to be even better in 2013 is shocking. Head coach John Fox doesn’t think there is a need to plead his case why Manning should win the MVP, but he did admit that he should have won it last year too.

“I don’t think there is any question the kind of season he’s having this year—and not just individual records, I think his win-loss record and team success speaks for itself too,” Fox asserted. “I don’t think its close, personally.”

Manning won’t petition to win the award, he may not have to.


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