Fox says being away from team was more painful than open-heart surgery

It was the not being there that was the hardest for John Fox while he was away from the Broncos. Over the past month – as the head coach recovered from bicuspid aortic valve surgery – was more painful than the procedure.

“I had open-heart surgery and watching those games was harder than any pain I felt during that rehab,” he confided.

Fox was able to watch all four of the games that he missed, three wins, and tried to stay as close to the team as possible. He admitted that the emotional toll and effects – even as he watched on a television hundreds of miles away – were the same as if he were on the sideline. The third year head coach remained in communication with the team throughout the process, including several Skype calls and even was able to scout the opposition using his IPad.

He doesn’t know where he’ll take in the Broncos upcoming matchup with Tennessee – on the sidelines or up in the booth. Fox joked that he just wanted to get through practice first on Wednesday, which he will undoubtedly enjoy.

“People say you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. Obviously I have great passion for it. I have for a long time so it was hard,” he continued.

Fox feels little after affects from the surgery and is also unconcerned about the dispatch of his return to the team.


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