Michaels predicts Manning-Brady matchup as ‘main course’

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady may have squared off on thirteen previous occasions – in the regular season as well in exhilarating clashes in the playoffs – but they all were merely a prologue. Sunday night will be the climax of their meetings according to NBC announcer Al Michaels.

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts“This is kind of like the entree, everything else has been an appetizer – maybe a salad and soup – coming into this thing. I look at this as the main course,” he said. Michaels has been in the booth on six or seven of these matchups. “It’s something I’m really looking forward to.”

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

Brady holds the advantage, winning nine times while Manning has only beaten the Patriots quarterback on four occasions.

These instances are always something to relish – they have met to open the season as well as many times in the playoffs – and it’s especially something you should not miss this year.

“You have two guys who are clearly first ballot hall of fame quarterbacks and they are not going to be around forever,” Michaels continued. “The way the schedules work right now – Denver is not going to play New England every year – so this could be the last time we see Manning against Brady.”


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