Michaels recounts Denver-Kansas City clash in 1994 as best he’s ever broadcast

Of all the football games legendary broadcaster Al Michaels has announced, the one that he remembers most fondly is a matchup between the Broncos and Chiefs nearly two decades ago.

IMG_0697“The best regular season game I’ve had the chance to broadcast – in the 28 years that I’ve done primetime football – was the Kansas City-Denver game back in 1994,” Michaels – who will be doing play-by-play for NBC on Sunday Night Football – recalled in an interview with 9NEWS.

Hall of Fame quarterbacks John Elway and Joe Montana faced off in the dramatic contest. When one team scored and took the lead the other responded quickly. It was a margin that never extended more than seven points and eventually came down to the final minutes in the final quarter.

1994 1With the Broncos down 28-24 inside two minutes to play, Elway scrambled up the middle for the touchdown to give Denver the lead. But that 1:22 left on the clock was too much time for Montana and the Chiefs. He proceeded to drive his team down the field before hitting Willie Davis with just eight seconds remaining on the clock.

Kansas City snuck out of Mile High Stadium with the 31-28 victory.

While Michaels doesn’t necessarily expect this game to be as climactic, due to the circumstance of what it will mean for the AFC West and overall playoff seeding the Broncos-Chiefs meeting is extremely significant.


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