Fox’s ‘goal and dream’ is to return before end of Broncos season

Being healthy is John Fox’s first priority. A close second though is being able to get back with his team and see through what he and the Broncos had started in training camp.

“My goal and dream is to be there obviously before the conclusion of this season,” Fox said.

Denver’s final game of the regular season will take place on December, 29 against Oakland.

The Broncos were able to beat the division rival Chargers without their head coach on the sideline, just days after nearly passing out on a golf course and then undergoing aortic replacement surgery. Fox did watch the game on television from his home in Charlotte but had to turn away several times when it was getting too tense for him.

The third year head coach won’t put a definite timetable for his return, even as he ambitiously hopes to be back at Dove Valley with his players and assistant coaches before the playoffs begin.

The next weeks of recovery from surgery – or what he described the feeling to be like being hit by a truck – will be much easier than what he’s already been through.

“The scariest part was the four days I was in the hospital,” he said of the process and staying in intensive care for four days. “It’s not like you go from one to the next. That all went good. There is always some scary parts to it, and I’m past those.”

The experience has made Fox appreciate his family and people he has around him. For now, he’s still focused on taking it one day at time so he can rejoin the Broncos.


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