Winning the objective, but not taught directly by MacIntyre

It may seem obvious; the Buffs do aim to win.

But while head coach Mike MacIntyre wants Colorado to have the scoreboard to deem them victorious on every Saturday, but he knows that it doesn’t work precisely in that way. At this point – CU has now lost twelve consecutive Pac-12 games – he asks for the individual players to focus on the task at hand and not so much the outcome of the game.

“I really don’t talk to them about winning. I talk to them about being successful in their own world or what they do… If you focus on your job under pressure then hopefully the other guy will focus on his job under pressure then everything comes together,” MacIntyre said. He’s stressed the continuity of competitiveness and finishing plays even when the game may seem out of hand.

“If you say ‘I have to do this to win,’ then that’s a different type of pressure,” he continued.

MacIntyre was more encouraged by the Buffs last outing against UCLA. Despite the final score, a 45-23 victory for the Bruins, they had certainly made strides which included four possessions that were sustained for ten or more plays.

On those drives Colorado needed to find a way to get in the endzone more, MacIntyre eluding to a wall that they must get over. The Buffs shouldn’t have to settle for field goals – unfortunately and uncharacteristically they missed a pair at the Rose Bowl – but having put themselves in that initial position was an accomplishment in and of itself.

“If you try to fix everything all at once and you look at the whole picture, sometimes it looks overwhelming but, if you look at your individual picture you can accomplish that,” he asserted. “When we all do that then we’re successful.”

For MacIntyre, the process will bring the results that he refrains from bringing up.


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