Buffs regrouped, primed to reenter Pac-12 play

Colorado didn’t need a natural disaster to challenge their character nor their ability to overcome adversity. Mike MacIntyre and the Buffs already had long odds to be successful.

When Colorado began the conference part of their schedule following the tragedy that consisted of devastating floods in Boulder and northern Colorado they couldn’t help but be sluggish. The Buffs languished and were outscored 155-46 in their first three games.

But the clouds have seemingly parted – the Buffs were able to get a victory in their emotional rescheduled game against Charleston Southern – and Colorado is ready to begin Pac-12 play once again.

“Maybe it was the sunlight, maybe it was the game win or the excitement of the upcoming game,” Mike MacIntyre said following what he also described as the best Tuesday practice of the year for the Buffs. “That’s positive signs for me that were continuing in the right direction. Hopefully it will show up better Saturday, it definitely has a better chance to.”

They started the season with a pair of wins on back to back week – versus Colorado State and Central Arkansas. A semblance of momentum drifted over the program. Then the prophetic rains stalled any positive rhythm the Buffs had gained, a 20 day hiatus will do that to any team.

Beating the Buccaneers not only reenergized Colorado, they have also become cautiously but confidently aware that their original goals could become a reality. The way they figure it, Colorado is now right where they left off prior to the floods.

“I think every college football player aspires to have that [going to a bowl game] happen, especially if you’ve never been to one.” MacIntyre said. The Buffs are a mere three wins away from accomplishing such a feat.

“With these guys right now, they look of it as motivation to stay positive. They haven’t ever had that chance before,” he continued.


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