Same Von, renewed perspective following suspension

You won’t be able to differentiate between BVS and AVS.

The eras – Before Von’s Suspension and After Von’s Suspension – will be a lot alike. He was reprimanded for violating the NFL’s drug testing policies and was simply restrained him from playing in the first six games of the season. It also made him reevaluate some personal choices.

Miller will be the same player, have his equivalent heart and core abilities that make him one of the most versatile and dominant defensive threats in the league.

“I love football and having football taken away from you has been tough. It’s definitely been tough,” the linebacker continued. “It’s a blessing to still have everything that I set out to do still right here in front of me.”

During the six weeks he was suspended he was allowed to participate in most all Broncos activities – this due to the circumstances in which the NFL found he violated those rules. Miller just couldn’t practice and most obviously not play in the games.

All along Miller said his teammates were the biggest supporters but he has also done his part encouraging them throughout his absence.

“I don’t think anybody has been the biggest Broncos fan as I was. I’ve watched every single game, every single minute. I watched everything Broncos,” Miller said.

The two-time Pro Bowl linebacker claims to be in the best shape of his life and will make his debut for the Broncos Sunday in Indianapolis. His addition will surely help the 30th ranked defensive unit, giving up an average of 407.5 yards and 26.3 points per game that is just struggling to stay healthy.

Miller said he is just looking forward to getting back on the field – even for practice – where he can escape all the turmoil and just be himself.

“I learned a lot of stuff. I learned you have to slow down. I learned that traffic tickets and procrastination can lead to some bigger things,” he said. “I’ve learned how my mistakes can affect others.”

His decision making ability and maturity level, to realize the ramifications of those choices, will need to continue to improve. As for football, Miller will be fine as long as he’s on the field.


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