Hillman hath to stop fumbling trend, or else

The First Commandment of being a running back is ‘Thou shall not put thy football on the thy ground’. Ronnie Hillman disobeyed that on back to back weeks.

The Broncos now starting running back was held up and stripped of the ball by the St. Louis Rams Saturday night. There isn’t much more Hillman could have done, but there is nothing more to say than there is still a whole lot to work on.

“I had two hands on the ball so I really don’t know. It just got out,” Ronnie Hillman said following the game Saturday. “I’ll just try to work on it and try to hold on tighter.”

With the competition in the backfield heating up, Montee Ball, Knowshon Moreno and Lance Ball all want the exclusive spot and all are making a case to be the guy. And while Hillman is fully aware of the detrimental consequences of the fumbles – it was clearly wearing on the mind of the second year running back during the second half and in the locker room following the game -head coach and ultimate decision maker John Fox has no reservations about his reliability.

“Every one of these things is a learning experience for these guys. I think he will work on it,” John Fox explained. He believed that Hillman’s forward progress had been stopped and that it technically wasn’t a fumble. “I have not lost confidence in him whatsoever.”

There is no room for error for Hillman, for whence the regular season begins there can be no more fumbles.


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