Wolfe won’t ‘play scared’ after injury in Seattle

Laying on the field in Seattle, Derek Wolfe knew exactly what had just happened. He avoided a cut-block anticipating the running back coming next and instead it was the fullback that caught him wrong. Wolfe instinctively understood the severity of it. He said it felt like a stinger at finger, but then the defensive lineman sensed it might be more. He said it felt like a stinger at finger, but then the defensive lineman sensed it might be more.

Wolfe is also fully aware, only five days later, that it’s not going to change how he plays the game.

“If you play scared you’re going to get hurt again. So don’t count on me playing scared,” he said.

Wolfe remained on the turf for eight stagnant and morose minutes. He never lost consciousness throughout it all and was placed on a backboard before been taken off in an ambulance. He was quickly transported to a local hospital and admittedly couldn’t help but imagine the worst consequences of the incident.

“I get a little bit emotional about it because this is what I love to do and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything but this game,” Wolfe said. He was reassured by doctors after the tests came back negative and that he’d be okay.

Although the defensive lineman has yet to be cleared to practice, he did work out in the weight room today, he’s seen improvements in how he feels every day since the hit.

“It’s just kind of sensitive right now, but I’m going to be better. I’ll be on the field probably as soon as I feel better,” he continued.

Wolfe told himself that he’ll be ready to go Week 1 against the Ravens, playing without any hesitation of another frightening hit happening to him again.


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