Pending suspension, Miller must withstand controversy

Von Miller knows how to play defense. On Wednesday, he confronted one of the most potent oppositions, the media.

The Pro Bowl linebacker was surrounded on all sides as he answered questions about a four-game suspension — he’s currently appealing — for violating the NFL’s drug policy. Miller continued to be adamant, even though he wasn’t able to go into too much detail due to confidentiality restrictions with the case, about his innocence and how it will affect the Broncos as a team.

“It’s business as usual in the locker room,” Miller asserted. “Outside of the locker room I can’t control too much stuff. But on the football field I can control the way I play football. The way I go out there snap-to-snap and just relate with my teammates. That’s some of the stuff I can control and that’s what I am going to focus on.”

Denver, the notable Super Bowl favorites at this point, will go on as if nothing out of the ordinary is occurring. Miller is set to take all the snaps with the first team as training camp begins on Thursday.

“Our focus is where it’s always been—that’s coming out here and winning games,” said Miller. “That’s where it starts. It starts out here in practice when we get out there for practice and are running around and having fun. That’s where we’re going to keep our focus at.”

The distractions and punishment will likely be finalized one way or another prior to the beginning of the season.

The sometimes eccentric 24-year-old has done much of note over the course of the past two seasons in the community but as his character and off the field actions are called into questions he’ll have to continue to grow and mature. Stepping in front of a hounding audience was the right thing move, even if it wasn’t a swim move or a bull rush which he is more accustomed to.

“The guy I was yesterday is not the guy I am today. The guy I was two, three, four years ago is not the guy I am,” Miller said.


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