Cuddyer’s streak continues, no reason behind it and no end in sight

The best, most undeniably efficient way to keep Michael Cuddyer from getting a hit, or more so just getting on base, is to hope and pray that he never even comes to the plate. That’s the only way to do it.

The Rockies outfielder extended his franchise best hitting streak to 26 games, and 45 straight games that he’s reached base Saturday on a first inning single up the middle.

“I haven’t changed anything. I haven’t done anything different. Things have been falling and things have been going my way,” Cuddyer said, who he himself cannot surmise any rational idea on how to get him out. “It might sound like a dumb answer but it’s what I can tell you.”

In fact, the last time Cuddyer didn’t leg-out, round, walk, merely touch on a trot or otherwise was April 21st. The slugger is batting .363, with 10 home runs and 34 RBIs during the stretch.

“I think his numbers speak louder than anything else, his value to our club specifically,” manager Walt Weiss asserted. Colorado is only two games back in the NL West standings. “The way he has performed speaks volumes.”

He’s doing this all the while helping lead the club without All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, who broke a rib and is unable to play. But Cuddyer has also struggled to stay healthy, actually initiating his current hitting streak prior going on the disabled list due to a neck injury in mid-May and sustaining it after.

The 34-year-old says he isn’t superstitious and he’s also not all that concerned with keeping tracking of just how long he can keep this going.

“That’s my approach, not really worrying about the streak. Pitch to pitch, at bat to at bat, you have to evaluate the situation and try to execute,” Cuddyer said. “That’s all you can do really.”

And hit by hit, in game by game, the major league record is still a very long way off so there’s really no reason to celebrate just yet. Joe DiMaggio’s historic 56 game streak can rest easy, for now, Cuddyer isn’t even halfway there yet.

“He’s still going so I’ll congratulate him when it’s all over,” said Weiss. “I’ll congratulate him on 57.”


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