Bailey open to have Woodson join Broncos

When you’re a future hall of famer you’re allowed feel some sort of angst when your organization looks to bring in another player at your position, even if they aren’t there to compete with you for a specific role. Broncos captain Champ Bailey understands that fully, and yet, he still doesn’t feel that way.

It doesn’t hurt though that the guy the Broncos are trying to sign on is also a future hall of famer.

Former Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson met with the Broncos on Wednesday, and negotiations are ongoing.

“A guy of that caliber, of course I’d welcome him,” Bailey said in honest admiration of possibly playing alongside Woodson. “He’s a guy that I kind of looked up to because we did a lot of similar things in college, even when we got in the pros. He’s definitely a great player and he’d be a good addition to any team.”

The two are nearing the end of their careers, so much so that Woodson, coming off a broken collarbone, will primarily be used at safety or in select groupings on defense.

Woodson won the Heisman Trophy, beating former University of Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning, before being selected in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft. Bailey would be drafted in the opening round the following year.

This combination, of Bailey and Woodson roaming the Denver secondary, would be historic in terms of statistics and playmaking ability, if a deal does get finalized. They have a combined 107 interceptions (Bailey,52, and Woodson, 55), 15 of which were returned for a touchdown (Bailey, 4, and Woodson, 11).


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