Nuggets sent “hitmen” at Steph Curry, Warriors coach says

Accusations were aplenty after a hard fought, even closing in on dirty basketball, in Game 5 between the Nuggets and Warriors.

“They tried to send hit-men on Steph [Curry],” Golden State head coach Mark Jackson said. He didn’t want to get into specifics but eluded to screens and Denver targeting Curry’s already injured ankle. “Make no mistake. We went up 3-1 playing hard, clean basketball.”

Denver had a response, most notably in winning Tuesday night 107-100 and forcing a Game 6 in Oakland on Thursday, but they felt they weren’t the only ones getting beat up out there. In fact, the Nuggets said Golden State had started this type of play, and Denver was just getting fed up with it.

“They brought the physicality to the series, we were just tired of receiving,” Nuggets guard Andre Iguodala said.

The physical nature is nothing new in the NBA Playoffs, a combined forty eight fouls, including a pair of flagrant fouls against Golden State, is just the painful reality of these games.

Denver didn’t complicated things nor make amends for their rumored actions.They didn’t plead their innocence in the case either but actually reverberated those slanderous comments back at the Warriors.

“They play dirty every night. They have targeted me,” Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried responded.


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