Bailey isn’t concerned about Moore’s psyche

DENVER- Nobody was harder on Rahim Moore after the Broncos loss to the Ravens in the playoffs than Rahim Moore himself. He shouldered the blame maturely, reliving his mistake in the final minute of the game to the media with tears in his eyes.

It may always be Moore’s defining moment, but just like his short career, that play certainly will not define him.

Moore was extremely overwhelmed as a rookie, drafted in the second round, No. 45th overall, but was quickly delegated. Midway through the season he found himself in the most unusual of places, in abackup role in the Denver secondary. Moore has started every game he had ever played in at UCLA. It wasn’t dramatic or possibly evident to most but this may have been the first critical juncture of his football career.

He owned the moment, the season and Moore bounced back, most notably when people were not in his corner. He became a solid safety for the Broncos in his second season and made a solid contribution; 60 tackles, seven pass deflections and an interception. Yet, all the progress he had made will largely be overshadowed in many peoples minds by that one play against Baltimore.

“I don’t think it affected him as much as people think. Because he got so much better last year,” Bailey said. “People want to talk about one play-like I said, even with myself, you can’t define somebody off one play.”

The third year pro has never been one to shy away, that’s not his personality nor is it who he is. Why would this moment be any different?

That singular act, giving up the game-tying touchdown in the final moments over his outstretched hand, albeit a tragic memory from a year ago, will be yet another part of his progression in the NFL.


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